Soprenature Green Roofs

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Soprenature Green Roofs

In efforts to consolidate its engagement towards the environment, Soprema created the EcoStruction signature to designate its products and services which specifically meet its sustainable development concerns. One EcoStruction line, Sopranature, consists of systems that contribute to LEED certification points awarded by the Canada Green Building Council. Soprema has been offering the Sopranature range for many years. The different systems provide all the options needed in order to ensure choice and satisfaction. The systems are easy to install and provide each owner with a unique solution.

Thanks to its advanced research and team, Soprema has developed six, state of the art green roofing systems that can be installed on all of its traditional waterproofing systems. In addition, the quality of the Sopraflor growing medium, designed to the specific conditions of green roofing systems ensures the survival and growth of the various plants used.

Benefits for the owner

  • Increases life cycle of roof

  • Thermal insulation of roof

  • Acoustic insulation

Benefits for the Environment

  • Heat island reduction

  • Management of stormwater

  • Air filtering

Below are descriptions of 4/6 green roofing systems that can be used as flat roofing alternatives.

Taiga: simple and environmentally friendly, Taiga gives you all the advantages of a green roof at an economical price. Types of vegetation: Sedum, drought resistant grasses, drought resistant perennials.

Jardin: light and versatile, Jardin makes it possible to grow a wide variety of plants, it can even allow owners to build vegetable gardens on the rooftop. Types of vegetation: lawns, grasses, annuals, vegetable gardens, flower beds, perennials

Boreal: boreal is the most colourful of the Sopranature systems. Its composition, with considerable growing medium depths, makes it possible to create layouts as varied as they are magnificent. Types of vegetation: lawns, perennials, bushes, trees, annuals

Prairie: The Prairie systems provides excellent water retention; this allows low maintenance plants that don’t need irrigation to grow on the roof. Types of vegetation: low maintenance lawns, perennials, dry meadows, grasses

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