The Importance of a Spring Roof Inspection

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The Importance of a Spring Roof Inspection

While we recognize that repairing your roof is never convenient; it is a better alternative to the cost and inconvenience of ignoring the impact of what your roof has endured over the years. Direct sunlight, hail, wind, acid rain, ice and snow will affect the condition of your building’s roof over time and affect its ability to shelter your business from the elements. The older a roof is, the more sensitive it becomes to these factors. Many people are surprised to learn the extent of their roof damage even when there are no visible leaks.

Some contractors provide a basic roof inspection, which consists of examining the exterior of the roof, sometimes only from street level, and basic components such as flashings. While this is necessary, a more thorough inspection can help identify areas of concern and items that could potentially lead to further, and more costly, damage; this is not a complete checklist but a recommendation. Please consult a professional roof inspector to complete a proper roof inspection. Do not attempt to complete the checklist yourself.

Rauth Roofing Limited offers a special Preventative Maintenance Program offers building owners and representatives one and five year budgets to help forecast future alterations, repairs, retrofits and roof replacements. Budget planning is issued annually in conjunction with a summarized “roof condition report” that will highlight all items identified during Bi-Annual Maintenance calls. As a Preventative Maintenance customer all service calls are prioritized to the top of the service queue and are addressed promptly.

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