Rauth Roofing is family owned and operated - for three generations!

Using the latest technology and advancements in the roofing industry.

New Construction and Roof Replacement

Our ability to successfully execute and perform large projects is the result of utilizing an internal quality assurance process with our employees, using the most advanced techniques and equipment in the industry with three generations of flat roofing experience. From design builds to roof replacements, Rauth Roofing Limited has successfully completed some of the largest projects in Southwestern Ontario.

Inspection Reports/Budget Pricing

If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, Rauth Roofing Limited offers a free inspection report and estimate service. An inspection report will provide you with an overview of the current condition and life expectancy of your roof based on the on site assessment of roof deficiencies and damage. An in depth report will be generated by a qualified company representative with a minimum of ten years industry experience. Our reports will include images of the current roof, highlighting areas of concern or deficiencies and our recommendations for solutions with corresponding price figures.

Rauth Roofing Preventative Maintenance Program

You wouldn’t go years without changing your car’s oil or rotating its tires and not expect your vehicle’s performance to suffer, why should your roof be any different?

Roofing systems typically account for around 10% of the total cost in Industrial and Commercial construction budgets. In addition to being a significant financial investment, your roofing system functions as your main line of defense against the elements. Regardless of building type, every property owner wants to get the most out of their roofing system. The most cost-effective way to maximize roof performance, and increase its life cycle, is a proactive approach to preventative maintenance. A proper preventative maintenance program is an organized approach to successful roof asset management and is also the most effective tool for maximizing the service life of a commercial roofing system. The key to increasing performance, while simultaneously decreasing unscheduled capital expenditures, is proactively identifying and repairing minor problems; building owners should consider that minimal spending today can mitigate a tremendous amount of time and money in the future.


What does Rauth Roofing Limited’s Preventative Maintenance Program offer?

Budget Planning

Rauth Roofing Limited’s Preventative Maintenance Program offers building owners and representatives one and five year budgets to help forecast future alterations, repairs, retrofits and roof replacements. Budget planning is issued annually in conjunction with a summarized “roof condition report” that will highlight all items identified during Bi-Annual Maintenance calls.

Biannual Maintenance

During Biannual Service calls Rauth Roofing Limited’s Field Technicians will address the following items:

  • Removal and replacement of deteriorated caulking around roof top units (RTU’s), metal cap flashing and other roof penetrations as required.
  • Documentation of roof surface deficiencies, damage, water-entry points and any additional items affecting the performance/integrity of the roofing system.
  • Refilling of pitch pans with liquid sealant as required.
  • Removal of ponding water and rooftop debris as required.

Priority Service Scheduling

Defects in your roofing system tend to be highlighted when significant rain and storms are present. Often times these leaks can negatively impact business functionality within your facility and require a quick response to prevent further damage and disruptions. As a Preventative Maintenance customer all service calls are prioritized to the top of the service queue and will be addressed promptly.

Repair and Restoration

Our experienced Service Technicians are trained to identify the cause of your leak and execute the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently for the following roofing applications:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • 4-ply
  • Mod Bit
  • Metal


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